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Welcome to our 2022/23 Company Showcase!

Thank you for attending! The dancers are excited to show you what we have in store for this coming competition season. Just a few reminders and notes:

- Please silence your cell phones

- There is no intermission. Show run time is approximately 1 hour.

- You may take photo and video as long as you do not use flash and you are not obstructing the view of other patrons.

- Please be patient with us in between pieces. There may be delays as we have many quick changes and many dancers almost back to back with pieces. 

- Please hold your applause and cheering until the end of each piece.

Thank you again for joining us, we hope you enjoy the show!


1. Elite Company, 'Fuerza' - Carly Condie

2. Excel Company, 'Notification' - Brayden Singley

3. Micro Mini Company, 'Splish Splash' - Hilary Murray

4. Pizzazz Company, 'Wondering' - Heather Hatch

5. Select Elite Company, 'Ruins' - Nick Lanzisera

6. Encore Company, 'Pump Up the Jam' - Brayden Singley

7. Excel Company, 'Castaway' - Lauren Richards

8. Pizzazz Company, 'You Make My Dreams' - Hilary Murray

9. Select Elite Company, 'In a Loop' - Brayden Singley

10. Encore Company, 'Light' - Heather Hatch

11. Excel Company, "Black Pink' - Hamilton Evans

12. Micro Mini Company, 'Box of Crayons' - Hilary Murray and Lauri Moncur

13. Elite Company, 'Space Ghost' - Lauren Richards

14. Encore Company, 'Blame it on the Boogie' - Hilary Murray

15. Excel Company, 'Ginger' - Hilary Murray

16. Elite Company, 'No Ordinary' - Heather Hatch

17. Pizzazz Company, 'Everything' - Hilary Murray

------ 3 minute pause for quick changes, please do not leave your seats ------

18. Elite and Excel Company, 'Phases' - Heather Hatch

19. All Companies - bow






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