Ages 3+

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Creative Movement- Ages 3-5 years

Creative Dance classes at The Dance Company provide an introduction to basic musical concepts (such as rhythm, tempo, pitch and style) while focusing on fundamental coordination (such as hopping, skipping, marching, etc.) The child’s imagination is encouraged and strengthened through the exploration of the basic elements of dance, including movement quality, space, body awareness and shape. In addition, valuable social skills are addressed as the students learn standard general and classroom protocol such as taking turns, participating and sharing within a group, leading & following, developing an awareness of personal space and the space of others. Separation from parents is part of the learning process in the class.

Pre-Ballet 1- Ages 4-5 years

These classes are designed to develop coordination, balance, strength, rhythm, correct posture, and creativity. They consist of organized exercises in repetition, floor movements and patterns, specific dance steps, and creative expression.


Pre-Ballet 2 - Ages 6-7 years


Preparatory for classical ballet technique, these classes develop coordination, balance, strength, rhythm, correct posture and agility, using a great amount of mind and body coordination. Minimal ballet exercises are given with great care, along with others that are less demanding, yet highly beneficial in preparing for classical ballet.

Pre-Tumble- Ages 4-6 **Due to COVID-19, this class is not being held for our 2020/21 season**

These classes are designed to build strength in our little dancers while teaching them basic tumbling skills.  We work on tuck, pike, and straddle jumps, bridges, forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, and more!  With our cheese wedge, octagon, fold out mats and other props our little tumblers have such a fun time! 

Classical Ballet- Ages 8 and up


Classical ballet provides the foundation for all other dance forms. It is the most demanding, most disciplined of all dance forms, but also the most rewarding. With a solid ballet foundation, classically trained dancers can transfer their skills into jazz, modern dance, or any other dance form they might decide to pursue. Accomplishing that solid ballet foundation is crucial to becoming an outstanding dancer in any dance form. Ballet students will improve strength, flexibility, grace and overall coordination. Ballet structure in unsurpassed in training dancers, but inevitable by-products of this training are better posture, a more trim body, and increased ease in everyday movements. Exposure to beautiful classical music is a plus.

Tap- Ages 6 and up


Tap dancing is a fun style of dance that anyone can learn! Tap dancing is beneficial in many ways including increasing cardiovascular conditioning, strength, flexibility and coordination. Tap builds strength in the legs and feet in addition to increasing flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles. Cognitive abilities are also enhanced, as tap dancers must develop both mental and muscle memory to become proficient at tapping. Tap dancing also develops a great sense of rhythm and timing. Best of all, tap is just fun!  Our early tappers focus on counting and rhythm, learning to specify toe taps or heel taps in their moves, copying rhythm patterns, and more!


Jazz- Ages 6 and up

    Pre Jazz Ages 6-7

    Leveled Jazz Classes for ages 8+

One of the most popular dance forms is a high energy, healthy workout for the body and mind with excellent technical training. Set to fun, upbeat popular music. Because proficient jazz dancers must utilize ballet technique, we recommend, but do not require, that all jazz students enroll in a ballet technique class.  Our early jazz dancers work on counting their music, practice dancing to a quicker beat, work on basic jazz steps and technique, and learn basic jazz routines.

Hip Hop- Ages 6 and up

    Pre Hip Hop Ages 6-8

    Leveled Hip Hop Ages 9+

Hip Hop is one of the most high energy, versatile styles of dance today used extensively throughout the promotional and entertainment industry in everything from street dancing, music videos, and event shows to some of the most successful television commercials by the largest corporations in the world. Since its roots in the early 1970’s, Hip Hop has taken the world by storm to become the most in-demand and sought after form of artistic expression.

Ballroom- Ages 11+ 

Headed by the wonderful Nick Bloxom-Carter, these ballroom classes teach a variety of ballroom dances while really focusing on the dancers mastering the movements and techniqueof each style. 

Musical Theater- Ages 11+

This class teaches the dancers to learn how to act whilst dancing; how to play a role throughout the dance.  This is a very valuable style to learn for those dancers who wish do dance in musicals or one day even Broadway!

Acro Dance- Ages 7+ **Due to COVID-19, these classes are not being held for our 2020/21 season**

Acro Dance teaches the valuable skill of combining tumbling with dance.  Dancers learn how to incorporate tumbling skills into dance; how to enter and exit a tumbling move from dance movement.  

Stretch and Strengthen

This class is extremely beneficial for dancers.  Your dancer will learn how to properly stretch prior to dancing, and also how to stretch to increase flexibility and mobility.   It will also  incorporate Pilates, yoga, and other strengthening methods which will strengthen the core of the dancers as well as improve body control.  

Int/Adv Open Turns and Leaps

This class will spend an equal amount of time focusing the control, technique, and different variations of turns and leaps. This is a class open only to our Int/Adv dancers.