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Lindsey Brown

As a teacher, Lindsey Brown has trained under the tutelage of Finis Jhung, Maria Vegh, Beverly Spells, and American Ballet Theatre where she holds a Level 1 teaching certification. She brings a unique perspective to the studio, seeking to develop the whole individual and create artists from the inside out. Her students know that anyone, regardless of their body type, can achieve their goals in dance with
vision, hard work, and accountability.

Lindsey Brown has over 15 years of teaching ballet, pointe, pas de deux, and strength training. She has developed a body alignment workshop designed to help students of all ages develop a deeper understanding of their own bodies, thereby creating a solid foundation of technique. Her workshop is in demand throughout the Mountain West by students, teachers, and professionals alike.

Lindsey Brown spends her summers traveling to help students create a greater focus, awareness and discipline to develop a stronger and healthier body. Students can then prevent injury and have the confidence to reach their individual technical goals. She breaks down technical walls and barriers to unlock each dancer’s body. She is grateful for every opportunity she gets to teach what she loves.

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